About us


ALTINAY (www.altinay.com) is an engineering company that pioneered industrial robotics in Turkey since its early beginnings in 1990. Today, we are a leading solution provider for robot-based flexible factory automation systems. Our design and manufacturing capabilities range from standard single-cell applications to multi-robot production lines, from special machine production to complex system integration. We closely co-operate with several leading global robot manufacturers and technology companies to bring our clients cost-effective, efficient solutions.

ALTINAY’s engineering capabilities span the whole range of welding, joining, assembling, handling, transferring, painting, cutting & finishing, surface treatment, vision based robot guidance and inspection, packaging and palletizing.

At ALTINAY, we have over 20 years’ experience in robotic system integration and cold-end glass processing lines. Whether it is for single cell integration, modernization of an existing line or for complete turnkey glass processing lines, our projects benefit from high precision mechanics and electronics. High accuracy, controllable servo motor architecture is used to produce robust, durable designs with long life-cycles. Our experience in glass processing allows our customers to increase their quality & capacity while reducing their costs.

ALTINAY has successfully completed numerous systems integration and industrial automation projects in Russia and Europe.

ALTINAY Group, with its headquarters in Istanbul Industry & Trade Free Zone in Turkey had a turnover in excess of EUR 50 Million in 2014, and employs more than 200 staff, half of which are engineers and PhD’s.

Glass Processing projects are managed from our flagship firm, ALTINAY Robot Technologies Inc.