OPTIMAY® Optimization Software

Real-Time Optimal Cutting Software (OPTIMAY®) “communicates” with the automation software to minimize glass scrap ratios with consideration of glass quality classification and production orders. OPTIMAY®, our proprietary software, also includes reporting tools to track the planning, manufacturing and quality performance.
  • Latest generation optimization software for glass ribbon lines
  • Based on .net technology and runs on 32-bit Windows platforms
  • Innovative heuristics architecture
  • Runs on PC
  • Handles complicated optimization problems in real time
  • Its parametric design can be integrated into any glass cutting automation system communicating through TCP/IP and/or OPC
  • OPTIMAY® takes a snapshot of the data from the automation system, optimizes it and sends the decision back to the system. The structure of the snapshot data is fixed while data itself is parametric and can be determined by the automation system.
  • This data defines:
    • Dimension of the ribbon to be optimized
    • Maximum optimization time
    • Quality Class Definitions
    • Glass Demand Specifications (Dimension, quality class, priority, etc.)
    • Faults on the ribbon (by position and fault type)